“It’s a good crowd, with some excellent, intelligent and often witty debates — and lots of essential laughs too (perhaps the wine helps here).”

“That’s what I find interesting. You get to read books you’d never have read otherwise.”

“My favourite evening each month. Always look forward to it.”

“I enjoyed last night. I tend to be a bit shy and tongue-tied most of the time, so I was pleased it was a small, comfortable group for my first meeting.”

Thank You so very much for the welcome at last night’s meeting of the Book Club. I usually feel quite intimidated by going to a new session with people whom I do not know. Last night was relaxed and welcoming and I felt completely at ease with the group.

“I had a lovely time, thank you”

“a lovely home and an attentive host”

“a great list of books”

“Enjoyed last night, good venue, views and lovely to see the wine flowing”

“a much nicer atmosphere than any bar and no distractions from it being a book club rather than any other type of social gathering”

a really pleasant, sociable evening. the book club members are a good crowd.

From someone who moved away: “I’ve enjoyed (some of!) the books we’ve read and the insights offered (into the book group members themselves  as much as the books).”

From someone who became ill with dementia and who persevered with our group despite leaving to other book groups: I love this group – it’s a safe space where I don’t feel scared.

I couldn’t have found a more loving, supportive bunch of friends in Bristol if I’d tried.

a very nice and convivial evening

Some years ago when I lived nearer Bristol I attended and enjoyed the Bristol book group. Your book list looks excellent- all my sort of books

a great bunch of guys and books

sent get well cards and visited me when I was in hospital over 10 weeks

I definitely found it enjoyable…a nice group of people too. 

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