Becoming a member of the Gay Men’s Book Group requires you to give the group administrator your name and email address. This is the only information held about you, and it is stored securely as a contact in the group’s email account. The only people with access to this information are the group administrator and one member of the group who is able to access the email account in the case of an emergency.

This information in used for two purposes:

  • To inform you of our events
  • To pass on information of other events which may be of interest, normally related to books we have read, or film evenings.

Emails are sent ‘Bcc’ to ensure members’ privacy.

The administrator will only pass your information to other members of the group at your request, e.g. if you want to contact another member. Your information will not be passed to any other 3rd party.

Our blog/website carries no personal information, not even first names (with a very few exceptions where someone has asked for their name to be appended. e.g. an alternative book review).

Members details will be deleted upon your request by email to