Criteria for choosing books

Our usual criterion is that it is a book written about gay people and/or by a gay author.

For the benefit of those who have recently joined us, if you have any suggestions, it helps if you

a) have checked that they easily available, and in sufficient quantities, preferably on the UK Amazon website (some members prefer to wait until a book is in paperback)

b) check that it isn’t a book that we have done before, or at least not in the past four years – you can refer to this

c) prepare something to say that might persuade the group to vote for your book(s)

The London group insist that anyone making a suggestion must have read the book and have a copy of it with them at the meeting to pass round. We don’t do ‘rules’ as such but that shows that we aren’t that strict!

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  1. dcallen said

    Hi guys,
    Feel free to move this post to a private message (if that’s possible). I’m the author of the absurdist satire Conversations with S. Teri O’Type. Up to now most of my readers have been straight women/men, but this book is by gay/for gay (or I thought it was). I would really appreciate your considering it for your group. Here’s what people are saying about the book:

    Thank you. And again, if this is the wrong place for this message, please feel free to delete it. It’s not my purpose to spam you.

    Christopher Allen

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