Blue Sky Adam by Anthony McDonald

BSA(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

I read Adam several years ago and enjoyed it so it was good to read the sequel too. I also read his first novel, Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet.

At twenty-two Adam inherits a vineyard in southern France. Leaving old loves and friends behind, he finds himself somewhat isolated. Stephane, Adam’s sexy new neighbour comes to his rescue, and is soon giving Adam much more than advice on managing his vineyard. Then Adam’s teenage lover reappears on the scene.

Each of the central characters in Blue Sky Adam is intricate and plausible. The males are clearly the dominant force – though Stéphane’s sister Françoise is well-drawn and given an intriguing edge.  Each faces personal conflicts BSA 2that echo those of Adam’s: who, and what, does he truly want? (Though to describe this as his ‘Gethsamene moment’ is way over the top.) Though secondary characters, Michael and Sean each develop substantially throughout the narrative with their tentative experiences in relationships highlighting one of the novel’s themes: that sexuality isn’t as black or white as it is often perceived to be, and that this in itself need not be an issue.

I enjoyed reading about regions that I know only as labels on wine bottles.

This book made a few hours go by quickly and it was delightful to read.

The author worked very briefly as a musical instrument maker and as a farm labourer before moving into the theatre.

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