An Honest Life- G. Hooper

AHL(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

I met the author, briefly, many years ago and found him to be a man of depth and integrity.

Like me, he was the son of a shopkeeper and learned to flourish in the more middle-class atmosphere of the Church of England.

After service as a squadron leader he faces up to his sexuality and separates from his wife. He describes access to his daughters as times when ‘we had to spend those cold and wet Saturdays in museums, swimming pools.’

It’s interesting that the only bishops who attempted to limit his ministry were evangelical ones. Now that 17 diocesans and 70% of ordinands are evangelical it seems that things will get worse for LGBT clergy (and laity?)

He was awarded an OBE in 2000 ‘for services to the community in Newham, London.’


One Anglican Archbishop’s contribution was as positive as my bishop’s support had been three decades earlier: There is still much ignorance surrounding the debate on human sexuality, especially the formation of sexual identity and the role it plays in letting people grow up into balanced adults. I do not believe the Church understands the damage it is doing in its handling of issues over sexual identity. The wisdom gained from those involved in counselling and psychotherapy could give excellent insight.

Issues of sexual identity are fundamental to our under­standing of ourselves. Where these issues are unresolved the problems can be immense. For a person of faith this becomes even more an issue, especially if in a Church which gives conflicting messages about God’s love, forgiveness and accep­tance, while at the same time implying that to express sexual nature in any way other than a married heterosexual relationship is sinful and puts you outside the Church and its ministry. Help through counselling and psychotherapy, depending on what is appropriate, is one of the ways in which people can, and indeed have, sought help and I know of situa tions where this has helped enormously.

when you glimpse truth you can only go towards it.

On burning boats Until you leave behind a chapter of your life, with no way of return, you are still hesitating, you can still draw back; conse­quently, your energy will be scattered, not focused. When you do let go, ‘Providence’ also moves, moves towards you with gifts. ‘Events’ begin to happen. Encounters surprise you with what you need.

Material assistance comes to you unexpectedly. None of these things could you have ‘dreamed up’. You can never be aware of what is waiting for you at the right moment. Goethe

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