The Line of Beauty

TLOBDepending on your point of view, this play shows the shallow nature of tory politics.

Nick Guest: I just think he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.

Catherine Fedden: Darling, you don’t fall in love with somebody *because* they’re beautiful. People are lovely *because* we love them, not the other way round.

Catherine Fedden: You’re really very rich, aren’t you, Sir Maurice?

Sir Maurice Tipper: Yes. I am.

Catherine Fedden: How much have you got?

Sally Tipper: Oh, my dear, what a question. You can never exactly say, can you? It goes up so fast. All the time these days.

Catherine Fedden: Well, roughly.

Sir Maurice Tipper: Roughly… a-hundred-and-fifty million.

Catherine Fedden: A-hundred-and-fifty million pounds?

Sir Maurice Tipper: Give or take a few million, yes.

Catherine Fedden: I noticed you gave some money to the appeal at Podier Church.

Sally Tipper: We give to endless appeals and churches.

Catherine Fedden: How much did you give?

Sir Maurice Tipper: I don’t recall exactly.

Catherine Fedden: You gave five francs. That’s about 50p. *That’s* how much you gave.

Gerald Fedden: [arriving] What’s all this about?

Sir Maurice Tipper: This young lady was giving me some criticism. Apparently I’m rather mean.

Catherine Fedden: Oh, I didn’t say that.

Sally Tipper: You certainly implied it.

Catherine Fedden: All right, I did. And if I was in charge I think I should stop people from being able to have a-hundred-and-fifty million pounds.

Gerald Fedden: Just as well you’re not, then, Puss.

Nick Guest: Prime Minister, would you like to dance?

Mrs. Thatcher: Do you know, I would like that very much.

Nick Guest: I’m not at all sure they could manage without me.

Antoine “Wani” Ouradi: Christ they can’t! Don’t kid yourself, Nick. Haven’t you ever thought it’s the other way around?

[first lines] Nick Guest: Wow. Is this really where you live?

Toby Fedden: Yep, well, you know, where my parents live. What’s the matter, something wrong with it?

Nick Guest: No, it’s… it’s lovely.

Toby Fedden: Come on, then.

Sally Tipper: They’re going to have to learn, aren’t they? The homosexuals, I mean.

Nick Guest: Actually, we are learning to be safe. [silence] These days we use protection, and there are other things one can do: oral sex, for example, is much less dangerous.

Sally Tipper: …Kissing, you mean?

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