Sweet Like Sugar – Wayne Hoffman

SLS(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

I couldn’t resist a book whose opening line is: I was looking at Internet porn when the rabbi opened my door.

I loved this moving, engaging yet improbable story. I wanted to read more yet decided to take my time as it was going to be a sad day when I finished it because there was no more to read.

The narrator is a lapsed Jew, gay and an advertising designer. Kurt Cobain’s suicide was a pivotal moment in his childhood.

He remembers with affection the Judaism of his youth and rediscovers a book from his childhood.

His parents become concerned when he befriends an orthodox rabbi and a discussion finally ensues about the similarities between being Jewish and being gay.

The novel asks whether everyone has a “bashert” – “We are all destined to have someone come into our lives.”

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