Rainbow High – Alex Sanchez

RH(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

Sequel to Rainbow Boys, this book is too obviously about safer sex education. A youth tests negative for HIV but is then vaccinated about Hepatitis B.

It’s unrealistic that a doctor in an STI clinic would moralise, unless things are different in the US.

Head teachers in the UK seem more enlightened that the one in this book.

Reviewers of the first book in the trilogy have expressed disappointment in the use of the term ‘spastic’. I suppose it is realistic that some high school use this term but less so when one of them uses it in his own, internal thoughts.

The author is good at empathy, understanding the pain and worry that two teenagers in love might not both get into the same university together and be parted.

I’m not sure that the teenagers would have such empathy with each other, thinking about each others’ motives when they speak. Lads normally take each other at face value.

They thought anyone over thirty was ‘old’. I hoped they’d set the bar at forty.

I wondered what ‘government’ was in the curriculum and figured out is was something like ‘citizenship’ in the UK

All in all, a pleasantly distracting read.

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