The Night Swimmer – J. Olshan

NS(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

When someone jumps in front of a train, the event ricochets through time, not just for the suicide’s loved ones but for all the people on the train and their loved ones.

I liked the term ‘sexual stations of the cross’ to describe the passionate movement of lovers through a house.

Though I don’t normally like dogs, I loved Casey.

The proofreader could have done a better job – ‘stories’ when ‘storeys’ was meant.

I had to look up ‘tamale’ – used to describe a (usually female) dancer.

By sheer coincidence, the day I read p. 207 about the heads of ticks, if embedded in the brain, can cause a heart attack, I read in a newspaper that a child had been sent by a doctor to a vet in order top have one removed since the GP didn’t have equipment small enough.

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