The Line of Beauty – film version

LoB filmWe read the book in December 2013 and our review is here.

What it is to be good-looking (many of the cast are; others are hideous) and charming, able to bed anyone you want, and to get away with not contracting HIV (though I can’t believe hs was still virgin after graduation – this was the 1980s not the 1950s). The character of Nick Guest is well played, his naivety but also his wordly-wise behaviour.

Some of the tories are even half-likeable, like the women who thinks that ‘oral sex’ means kissing. Others are utterly despicable.

The religious kitsch in Leo’s mother’s house has tpo be seen to be believed.

The film version seems to be faithful to the book, though one of our members thought that it ‘flattened it out.’ Nick is more likeable in the film than in the book. The film accentuates his care for Fedden’s bipolar daughter whereas the book portrays him as a calculating ‘user’.

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