Are We There Yet? – David Levithan

AWTY(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

What is it with siblings? I have a sister whom is nine years older than me and we have nothing in common other than our parents. It’s the same for the two brothers in this book.

Then it’s different. My sister and I had nothing much to do with each other as children but the death of our mother reunited us.

In this story, the elder brother cares for his younger brother but they grow apart until their parents send them n on a holiday together, which they are both dreading.

On this holiday they drift even further apart until another person reunites them again.

I read this book in virtually one sitting. I wanted to get to the end to see what happened but I also did not want to get to the end because I didn’t want to part with the characters.

They say that ‘all roads lead to Rome.’  Like one of the brothers in this book, I met an old friend in Rome, from whom I’d drifted apart. I’ve heard other people tell the same tale.

It’s a bit like those pilgrimage observations where you have to travel a long distance to get back to the place where you first started.

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