Wide Awake – David Levithan

WA(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

As it is written for teenagers, I can forgive the cheesiness of some of the sub plots.

It is set in the future when a gay Jew is elected president of the United States but the vote is challenged by hawks. These hawks have the same mentality as now but Christianity has largely moved on to being inclusive and non-judgemental, yet since fundamentalism and hawkishness feed of one another, I wonder how this could be.

I wonder if there will still be schools, as we know them today, in an internet age. The school in this novel has an opinionated teacher expressing views that would lead to his being suspended now, let alone in the future and they still pledge allegiance to the flag. The students rightly ask him what is the point of studying history if it is not to change the world.

A mother worrying about her child is the same, whatever the year.

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