The Page Turner – David Leavitt

TPTPaul Porterfield wants to be a concert pianist. He is his page turner to Richard Kennington. On holiday with his mother, Paul bumps into Richard – coincidence?

Paul has a doting mother who straightens his tie. He learned Italian for the holiday.

Is 40 year-old Kennington predatory or is it that Paul is stalking him? He gives him a massage as an excuse to go further with him. He clearly doesn’t intend to meet him again as he doesn’t give him his phone number

 The doting mother realises something is going on when Paul lies to her, telling her that he is unwell, in order to get out of a meeting he’d arranged with her. She comes to visit him on his sickbed and discovers some of Paul’s clothes in his hotel room.

Joseph, Richard’s lover is at an age where he is frightened of growing old alone whereas Richard at 40 is frightened of missing out on youth

One laugh out loud moment: a patient said that a lemon got in his rectum because he fell on it in shower

I always remember this novel when I go to concerts where there are page-turners (though they aren’t often as good-looking as Paul in the film version of this story.).

What is the significance of stars, Ganymede and an alabaster moon on the bedroom ceiling?

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