Forbidden Colours by Yukio Mishima and A.H. Marks

FCSomewhat of a culture shock but worth trying something different.

Some telling quotations: ‘The artist disguises in order to reveal; the man of society disguises in order to conceal.’

‘The homosexual’s hell and the woman’s hell are the same – namely, old age.’

‘A homosexual’s Sunday is pitiful. On that day, all day, no territory is theirs. The daytime world, they feel, takes over completely.’

 Shunsuke had 3 marriages and 10 affairs and detested women. “Women can only bring children into the world, men can father all kinds of things. If a boy loves him, he cannot love him back because he will be transformed into some woman-like creature.

It’s a sort of Japanese tantra – the body as the deep seat of holiness. ‘beauty can never be reached.’ – spirituality incarnated.

Blackmail and suicide threaten.

Yuichi has dancing lessons for the development of lust, feels like a prostitute when having sex with his wife. They are the model couple from a eugenics point of view. She has to choose between an abortion or divorce. ‘I only let him have my body.’

His body became independent of himself when seeing inside wife’s vagina during her operation.

A cruising ground is the same here as the world over: the glow of cigarettes, lovers in the daytime unaware of the change at night, police know the names of places but there are no laws by which they can crack down. ‘Homosexuals have on their faces a certain loneliness which will not come off.’

One annoying spelling mistake: ‘abour’ for about.

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