Two Gentlemen Sharing – William Corlett

TGSSo two gay men arrive at a village to live together but pretend that one of them is a lodger in order not to shock the natives who, incidentally, do some shocking things themselves.

It’s a farce, like stuff by Tom Sharpe

Stereotypes get mangled: a brigadier, a woman in jodhpurs,  good idea for Barry to mingle with poor people, the luncheon hour, kids from council estate doing ‘Sig Heil’

Lawrence to Richard: life in Hollywood cannot begin to compete with life in Bellingford

 Ignorance: Homos, home owners, belong to Labour Party?

The brigadier is a cross-dresser who doesn’t deliver to illiterates in the council estate, few deviations, discipline, ‘sword of salvation’, speaks to the catering corps as if addressing a Nuremburg rally, sees his wife being bossy when the piano is moved and is not used to seeing her at peace and thinks that art and music degenerate

Melanie’s writing is private like a bodily function and she can’t risk reading in case she is influenced by others’ styles

Bessie Sugar is obsessed with faggots and supermarkets

The vicar and his wife have a dysfunctional relationship until they eat hash cookies; he doesn’t understand lust and asks ‘do all women cry?’ and states ‘I was going to be someone and then I married you.’

As for foreigners, it’s Ok to deceive them because they’re wops.

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