The Liar – Stephen Fry

TLSometimes I find Stephen Fry amusing but at other times I get annoyed by his smart-Alec-know-it-all, smug remarks. It’s as if other people didn’t exist except as extras

In this book, I like his description of the usefulness of boarding schools to keep spotty adolescents away from rest of society. He describes Trefusis’s labyrinth with books everywhere and suggests that Books are not holy relics; one may as well collect bubble gum cards (to write in), the banter of intelligent boys and masters who remain infantile. Dr. Meddlar the moralising chaplain later caught on the Dilly meat rack up to no good. (Piccadilly Circus is like a bath plughole – empire shrank so more dirty water) Other examples of hypocrisy include ex-public school boys in parliament going on about immorality.

He is getting sex but wanting love so he learns Cartwright’s timetable off by heart

Of  his later experience at a 6th form college: the stupid college called pupils ‘students’ and lessons ‘lectures’

Witty remarks include never meeting people like you except when you are in court and then they’re wearing a wig, coming in a jiffy, ‘Too many cocks spoil the brothel’, ‘yes, I’m very good at reading.’ ‘Then keep off the grass.’

Pertinent observations include: Market forces should mean more lecturers not fewer. Are you listening, Michael Gove?

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  1. […] instalment of Fry’s auto-biography, Moab is My Washpot and his semi-autobiographical debut novel, The Liar, were discussed briefly, with a member noting that, whilst his autobiographical work is moving, […]

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