Gypsy Boy: One Boy’s Struggle to Escape from a Secret World Mikey Walsh

(Not discussed by the group but written in a personal capacity.)

Echoing the phrase `You can take the Jew out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the Jew, the writer asserts, `You can take the boy away from the Gypsies, but you can’t take the Gypsy out of the boy.’ and points out that Gypsy, like Jewish, culture was nearly wiped out in the Holocaust.

This is a thoroughly engaging description of a boy growing up alienated from his culture. One assumes that it is a true story though it deals in stereotypes: the distant, violent father who despairs of his gay son, the over-protective mother who talks of `special, my little boy’, the child abuser at the heart of the family who believes that his victims enjoy what he does to them and the hypocrisy of the lads who get as much sex as they can with `Gorgias’ but who expect their Gypsy brides to be virgins until marriage.

I am no prude but I was shocked how sexual swear words were commonplace yet sex itself was a taboo subject.

I had always thought that Gypsies were quite devout yet this family are non-religious yet the father cynically displays a fish badge on his van so that the elderly, for whom he does various jobs badly and then overcharges them, will think he is honest. In an odd take on family values, he is happy to fleece them for money because he has a family to feed and they come first.

I am looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out in paperback.

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