Hero Perry Moore

I guess this book is aimed at sixteen-year-old boys but I’d want to encourage them to read something deeper than this.

There are some good observations, e.g.  ‘Most of them don’t like to be reminded of how they looked thirty pounds ago’

There also some odd things, e.g. the ‘baddie’ has indestructible testicles and he doesn’t breathe yet he has ‘super breath’.

I only read it because I am part of a book group. Many members didn’t even bother to finish the book.

There are some very poor phrases, e.g. ‘My stomach dropped to my feet.’ And ‘My insides were liquefying.’

There is a powerful description of Ruth’s boyfriend getting beaten up – one of the best bits of the book. Also vividly described is the hero’s father’s place of work.

The book is infused with Christian values and, if the large building at the book’s climax is a reference to the Twin Towers of 9/11, then American values. The ending hints at self-sacrifice and there hints earlier on too, e.g.  “Later, when I looked down at the ring on my finger, the stone sometimes felt so heavy that I could barely lift my hand. It can be an awful responsibility when you’re someone’s only hope..’ Also ‘Your father had been first to respond to the crisis. Despite his lack of superspeed, he was always vigilant that way. It was a last-ditch effort at saving the world. Blowing up a few buildings is a lot better than an exploding planet, but people aren’t very interested in simple arithmetic when there’s blame to assign’ also the sacramental description of the ring as ‘an outward symbol of an inner belief..’

Star Trek, Terry Pratchett, Tolkein and Douglas Adams create a more convincing fantasy world than this book.

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