Future Meetings in 2018

Contact us to join our future meetings: bristolbookclub@hotmail.co.uk

  1.  June 19 The Sparsholt Affair –Alan Hollinghurst (Bishopston Venue
  2. )July 31  (Bishopston Venue) Murmur by Will Eaves; there’s also a book launch in Bath on July 11th
  3. August  30 (Bishopston Venue) The Friendly Ones by Philip Hensher
  4. September 25 Harbourside Venue Wings by Mikhail Kuzmin

Owing to the Data Protection Act 2018 our membership records have been erased AND YOU MAY NEED TO REOIN



  1. james said

    hi yes im coming …plz 4ward me details of where thanks

    • Someone called James put a message on the blog asking for the venue of the next meeting. As I do not put addresses on a public forum, please let me know if it was from you and I’ll send the details.

  2. I have e mailed the address. Looks like we are full up now and will need to start a waiting list

  3. We managed to squeeze everybody in. It was a good session and someone brought a particularly nice bottle of red.

  4. john said

    I’d like to attend the April meeting but nobody seems to be replying to the bookclub hotmail address and time is running out. John

    • You sure you have the right email address? I check it each day and haven’t heard from you. Anyway, I have sent you an email – please let me know that you received it.

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